Our Stay Safe & Well Commitment

We Are in the Business of Hospitality

Since our opening day, we have built a reputation for maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, and our guest reviews prove it. The COVID-19 pandemic has required us to raise our demanding standards to an even higher level with protocols for the current circumstances. By taking care of each other and following these new protocols we can collectively ensure all our guests a healthy and enjoyable stay. If you have questions about our ongoing efforts, you can reach us by phone at 315-982-5004, or email us at [email protected].

We Are a Small Business

Now more than ever, we pride ourselves on delivering a guest experience that sets us apart from chain hotels. We are a small, privately-owned bed and breakfast with four guestrooms. “Small” means our ability to implement, manage, and ensure effective safety and hygiene standards is far greater than at a large-scale chain hotel with a great number of rooms and a sizable staff.

Your Travel Flexibility

We have the most generous cancellation policy among local hotels and inns, and we remain committed to offering you flexible booking options. Since the future is difficult to predict, we offer free cancellation if your plans change. Our free cancellation policy covers your reservation when you book directly with us by phone at 315-982-5004 or at grand-colonial.com. It does not apply to bookings made on third-party sites like Expedia, Booking.com, Hotels.com, and AirBnB.

COVID-Specific Protocols

By closely monitoring industry and government guidance regarding the COVID-19 virus, we have devised additional guidelines and procedures for sanitation and cleaning, with an emphasis on the prevention of virus transmission. Our hygiene and sanitation practices meet or exceed state and local regulatory requirements and the recommendations of the CDC. As we move forward, we will continue to adhere to the guidance provided by federal, state, and local authorities. Guest cooperation with government-mandated protocols is essential to allowing us to remain in business.


Above all, we have increased the frequency and intensity of routine cleaning throughout our entire house, meeting, or exceeding CDC guidelines. We have added sanitation stations that include hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes in common areas and all guest rooms.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

On February 10, 2022, the statewide indoor business mask-or-vaccine requirement was lifted.  Based on the latest guidance, face masks will not be required when all guests who are present (including guests of different travel parties) are fully vaccinated and consent. We respect those who may still feel safest wearing their mask in public. Our staff will continue to wear masks while in the presence of others.

We will not require proof of vaccination, but we ask for guests’ responsible and respectful cooperation with this policy.  To protect yourself and others from COVID-19, CDC continues to recommend that you wear the most protective mask you can, that fits well and that you will wear consistently.

Physical Distancing

On May 19, 2021, New York State adopted the CDC’s “Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People.”  Based on this guidance, physical distancing is no longer be required in the common areas when all guests who are present (including guests of different travel parties) are fully vaccinated and consent.  We respect those who may still feel safest maintaining physical distance in public.

We will not require proof of vaccination, but we ask for guests’ responsible and respectful cooperation with this policy. We continue to recommend that all guests, especially those who are at higher risk, practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet away from those in different travel parties. Our staff will continue to practice physical distancing.

Case Notification

Please reschedule your visit to Grand Colonial Bed and Breakfast IF you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath or other cold and flu-like symptoms, and immediately seek medical care for further guidance and testing. Common symptoms of the COVID-19 coronavirus include fever, dry cough, mild breathing difficulties, stomach issues, diarrhea, and general body aches, according to the CDC. If you develop symptoms during your stay please notify us immediately. If we are alerted to a suspected case of COVID-19, we will direct the guest toward appropriate medical care.

New York State Travel Advisory

As of June 25, 2021, the New York State Travel Advisory is no longer in effect.  As such, travelers arriving in New York are no longer required to submit traveler health forms.

All travelers, domestic and international, should continue to follow all CDC travel requirements.

Before booking or traveling to Grand Colonial Bed and Breakfast, please visit the New York State Department of Health website for up-to-date information.