The 2020 Mining Season is Ending, but Herkimer Diamonds are Forever

The 2020 Season at the Herkimer Diamond Mines will end on November 1st.  The Herkimer Diamond Mines has been a popular destination this year, especially because the outside above-ground mines have allowed visitors plenty of space to dig for diamonds and easily practice social distancing.  If you haven’t made it to the Mines yet this season, the month of October will be your last opportunity.  With cooler fall temperatures ahead, it’s also a great time to visit. Grand Colonial Bed and Breakfast is located less than a 10-minute drive from the world-famous Herkimer Diamond Mines and is the perfect base-camp for exploring this attraction.

Why collect Herkimer Diamonds yourself?  Maybe it’s as simple as your attraction to the thrill of the hunt or your being the first person to see that crystal in the soil or coming out of the rock in nearly 500,000 years.  Adults and kids alike love the challenge.  There are various ways to find Herkimer Diamonds.  You can look for loose crystals among the broken rock or in the soil.  Any beginner who can lift a four-pound hammer can find the crystals by breaking open smaller rocks.  And more serious collectors can mine the rock ledges and discover untapped pockets.  Over time, you can work your way from easier approaches to harder ones.

If mining the diamonds yourself isn’t for you, guests can find Herkimer Diamonds of varying sizes for sale at GC Mercantile, our pop-up gift shop.  All the Herkimer Diamonds we sell have been locally mined and our prices are the best in town.

Check out this aerial tour of The Herkimer Diamond Mines and prepare for your next mining adventure!