Is the Herkimer Home Haunted?

What is the General Herkimer Home?

Situated overlooking the Mohawk River, Revolutionary War hero General Nicholas Herkimer finished the construction of his Georgian-style mansion in 1764.  General Herkimer’s place in history was assured in 1777 when he assembled 800 militiamen at Fort Dayton, supported by 60 allied Oneida warriors, and marched to defend Fort Stanwix against a British siege. Considered to be a significant turning point in the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Oriskany, fought on August 6, 1777, has been described as one of the bloodiest battles of the war.

Although wounded in the leg, Herkimer kept command during the fierce combat. After the battle he was carried home where he died 10 days later from complications following the amputation of his leg. Herkimer’s estate was home to many over the years, including his family, enslaved people who helped run the estate, soldiers encamped during the war, and neighbors seeking refuge from the fighting in the Mohawk Valley.

Eerie Activity

Several paranormal activities have been reported over the years, including ghostly voices, footsteps and doors shutting.  A tour guide once reported witnessing a candle stick fly across the room.  Others have reported seeing a strange mist in the Herkimer family burial ground, which is remarkably unchanged from the 18th century. The site grounds may be enjoyed year-round from dawn to dusk.

Grand Colonial’s History

Grand Colonial Bed and Breakfast is located in an area that was part of an early Palatine settlement in the 1700’s and later the site of the Revolutionary War era Fort Dayton.  Our house was built as a private residence in the 1890s, and is situated on a one-acre Revolutionary lot. Its long, rectangular shape was desirable for colonial farming. The property extends north to a babbling brook and forested hillside. Before it was as we know it today, the topography of this area provided a vantage point for patriot militiamen to keep watch for British foot soldiers and their allies. Relics from Revolutionary War scrimmages are reputed to have been found nearby.  You can learn more about our history by visiting our website.

Is the area truly haunted?  You be the judge as you explore local historical sites.  October is the perfect month for ghost hunting and Grand Colonial Bed and Breakfast is the perfect Herkimer base hotel to look for something spooky!  Book your stay at, if you dare.

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